Are you selling a subscription service or a membership?

What’s your business: Are you selling a subscription service or a membership?


Having customer pay you monthly is the cool part about having a subscription service application but what happens when you want more?

By more, I mean this… If you rely on new customers every time to be able to make good bucks on your platform then you are pissing off on gold.

Don’t just run a subscription service

You charge them a fee, they get it. They use your platform like every other subscription they have and when they are tired, they close their account with you.

Baam!!! Customer lost.

But but!!! There is a better way.

Run your platform like a membership platform. I use the term membership because people have the tendency to belong and when they do they feel like part of a tribe and this makes it harder for them to want to leave.

Give them a reason to always expect to hear from you. Don’t leave in the dark, constantly remind them of your brand.

  1. Add them to group and forums that help them communicate with each other and don’t just leave them there. Give it a human touch. Be present in the group as the owner of the platform. Be a part of the discussion.
  2. Give them a reason to participate in discussions. Ask questions, create smart but fun polls.
  3. Send them emails, give them updates, ask them for features they will love to see and implement it into your system.
  4. Create webinars once a month if possible, have a discussion with them and sell.
  5. Give them a chance to make money off you… Yes everyone likes a good extra stream of income.

This is just a few surface tips from the strategy book of membership income scaling but these few points can change your business and put more profit in your pocket too.

The goal is to be sustainable and profitable at the same time.


How To Easily Retain Your Existing Customers And Also Increase Your Revenue

Losing your SAAS/Membership customers could be painful, or maybe not.

As the years go by, we must have all noticed the increase in competition in whatever niche we find ourself and this is something everyone can testify to.

This development has also brought a decrease in customer loyalty and an increase in churn rate because they can just jump on the next Ad they see that is for your biggest competitors and then next month, they opt out of your service… Forever.

This is probably a common story for most membership/SAAS platform owners because customers are always looking for the next ‘bestest’ deal.

The biggest mistake you can make will be to lower your monthly subscription fee because they will probably take you less serious when this happens.

Instead, there are other tactical ways you can use to attract your existing customers to stick with you for the longest time while increasing your customer LTV also, which means more money in your pocket.

✅#1 – Your Offer Value

Customers will always love to jump on the best offer, not the cheapest offer so dropping your price as I mentioned earlier will only kill your perceived value. You need to constantly update/upgrade your service, training and even your UI. 

This will give your customer more value for their money and they will stick around just because you care for them.

The best way to know what to do next is to always listen to customer complains and suggestions because this is still the best way to understand what your market needs at every point in time.

✅#2 – Tailor your service

Most times people tend to create their service around their imaginary idea and need and this just feels like an achievement but deep down it is hurting your business. 

Rather than approach your business this way, it is best to create your solution around their problem. Don’t sell what you think they need, sell what they need. Pause and do a survey, numbers don’t lie.

✅#3 – Backend offers

Every market has a secondary need, something that keeps then looking outside your product or service for a solution. Your funnel may not contain all they need but there are many ways to reach them once they are your customers, this will also increase your revenue. 

You need to create offers with your funnels with special packages that solve a particular need. This can be a DFY or DIY offer or even a group coaching and should be mid or high-ticket. You can get this done yourself or even get someone else who is an influencer in your market to do it.

✅#4 – The Customer Experience Journey

People pay for an experience, not just a product. They want the best aspect of your service and also want to feel catered for at all times. 

This will require some reliable customer experience and also accountability. They want to know what is going on with your product, they want to feel like they are part of your journey and they want to get to have an easy way to reach you. 

This goes beyond emails and FB groups but the actual activity that goes in these mediums is what means the most. 

Trust me, the best way to increase your revenue is to decrease your churn rate as low as possible, keep customers in as long as possible and also increase their LTV. 

An increased churn rate can really take a toll on your business if you let it.

You can not hold back every customer from leaving your product but you can make sure more choose to stay with you.

I hope you found this post valuable. if you have any question or reactions please leave a comment below.

5 ways to handle anxiety as an Entrepreneur

There are 3 thing every entrepreneur has in common, the good times, the bad times and the sad times.

If nothing is constant in the world of running your own business, then this is one thing that no one can change or total control.

Your business will occasionally spiral out of your control and most times, this is not going to be for good. Your start could hit a state of zero clients and you start imagining all types of bad things that could happen.

Your brand could get bad feedback from a difficult client and this could make you feel like your whole brand reputation has been thrown into the trash.

Maybe your peers are beginning to do way better than you and you are wondering why your lucky star has left you. Comparison can really be the thief of joy.

Or maybe you have just run out of funds due to a bad marketing decision or a failed investment.

Heck, this happens to the best of us. You are not alone.

Every top entrepreneur you can ever think of had some kind of rough patch growing up to where they are currently. Even the Legendary Elon Musk has his days when he woke up and felt like sh*t. I am not saying you should ignore your bad time and act like nothing is wrong, but rather embrace it.

This is not the time to be logical or think business strategy, this is the time to play mind games and control how you feel.

There are 5 ways you can do this because if you keep ignoring it, you might go into a state of depression and trust me, this is not good for your health or business.


1. See your bad times as feedback

Yes, this is the plain truth. Bad times are nothing but feedback and indicators to let us know that there is something to be fixed in our business. Your business could be running aground and without this little sad time, you might probably be in oblivion.

What matters the most is not what is happening around you but how you handle it. You can take all that negative energy and turn it into something great. Take the time to study tha loopholes that led to this rough patch. Look within to find what is going wrong.


2.Spend time with loved ones

Yes, as simple as this may seem, this is when you need to be around loved ones the most. no matter how much you try to run your business, you are not robocop lol. You are still human with flesh and blood and heck this is why you feel sad during tough times.

If you have a spouse, spend time with time, if you have friends or sibling close by reach out to them via call or physical meetups, not to discuss business but to distract your mind. This will slow down how fast your mind scales your problem into World War 3, because the mind can really olay funny games when it comes to escalating failure.


3. Eat your special dish

This is the time you need to remind your stomach of how good things can get. Your mind needs nothing but a little distraction.

You need to go eat that special meal you have always dreamed of, go to that fine dining experience, eat some shrimps and nicely made chicken soup or if you are a cooker, then go cook some good meal. Spend that extra dollar to spoil yourself a little. You need it the most. Your stomach can really be the gateway to your soul.


4. Log out for a while and do something else

This is one that works for me a lot. I just go to Netflix and watch the moves of my choice. Movies have a way of drowning your thoughts and making you forget all that has been turning your world upside down.

You can take full advantage of this hypnotic side of movies to cleanse your mind. You could go to a Cinema and see a new movie, or just go watch a fun show on Youtube. This is when you will get to appreciate comedy. Trust me, this will clean your mind out and help you reboot.


5. Just sleep

Yes, do what might be hardest. Take a long good sleep.

You need to go lie down and sleep a little. Disconnect your mind from reality and plug it into a world of possibility. Take that long sleep you have long been denying yourself. Put away all distractions such as email notification and social media. Just totally log out of this world and clear your mind.

Sleep is still one of the best forms of FREE self-therapy you can easily take advantage of. Don’t over think it, just sleep.


Don’t let that feeling drown you, you need to bounce back fast and attack your failures, It’s okay to fall down but staying down in self-pity is going to ruin you.


If you feel that these were insightful or you have something helpful you can add to this, please leave a comment below and share how you handle anxiety.

Benefit of E-mail Marketing to Small Businesses

E- mail marketing campaigns will assist your small business to develop awareness, loyalty, desire and trust with its consumers. This form of marketing can be used to retain as well as engage existing consumers. Also, it can as well assist you in establishing new clients.

Here are a few of the many ways in which a well-established email marketing campaign can benefit small businesses.

  • Cost-effectiveness:
    E- mail marketing campaigns are usually very cost effective. Basically, directing marketing strategies
    will require you to have a decent amount of cash in order to use them effectively. This is because you will be generating real content like printed newsletters or advertisements. Directing marketing strategies will also make you end up spending more cash in sending the real content out to the consumers through postal email.

On the other hand, e- mail marketing uses electronic content that is often much cheaper to produce and sends it out to the consumers electronically. Note that sending content via electronic means is often much cheaper than sending it out in the real world.

  • It’s a Targeting Marketing Strategy:
    With e- mail marketing, you can be in a position to target specific customers directly. This means that you can be in a position to focus on containing individuals who’re likely to react to your messages, while at the same time avoiding wasting your time and money in trying to reach those individuals who’re not likely to respond.
  • Tracking Data:
    With e- mail marketing, you can be in a position to track data that can uplift your business performance. Since e- mail marketing campaigns are done electronically, it can make it easy for you to track important data that can help you in the operation of your business. for instance, this form of marketing can enable you track how many viewers opened your e- mail, how many of them chose to subscribe to your e- mails, who forwarded
    your adverts to another person as well as who listed your e- mails as spam.

Generally, this data tracking system can make it a lot easier for you and your marketing team to figure out which of your e- mail marketing techniques are producing reliable results and the ones that are wasting your time and effort.
Once you know this information, you can decide to alter your marketing techniques so that they can become more effective. Don’t you think that that is in deed great?

  • It Can Be Automated:
    Once you’ve got an idea of the types of content you intend to send out to your consumers through e- mail marketing technique, it’s very easy for you to automate the process. Typically, this means that you can be able to schedule newsletters and e- mails on a weekly or monthly basis in advance. This can simplify the work for you when it comes to creating the desired content. Also, with this form of marketing strategy, you can be in a position to set up automated delivery hassle free and in the long run it can save you time and money.
  • They’re Super Fast:
    One of the best characteristics of e- mail marketing campaign is that it usually works really fast. A person does not require waiting weeks or months in order to see the results of his or her e- mail marketing campaign- results. Your business e- mails once sent will instantly reach your consumers and will offer up- to- date
    content and information. In brief, e- mail marketing techniques can assist small businesses keep upto-
    date with their consumers and thus be able to operate in real time.
  • Boosting Revenue:
    This form of marketing can help your business in increasing its sales and generating more revenue. E- mail marketing can assist your business in generating sales via other channels. Therefore, take your time as a small scale business owner to create the right types of e- mail marketing tactics, avoid dreaded spam level and your
    business will see an increase in its revenue within the shortest time possible.

7 Hot Gigs You Can Use To Earn Big on Fiverr

Have you ever used Fiverr to make money online?

Most of us had tried making money online on Fiverr but many of us have not succeeded in it! Even I failed in Fiverr in my initial days but now I make a decent income from Fiverr around $100-$150/ month from it. Today I am going to tell you about 7 Gigs which you can use to make money on Fiverr easily.

Fiverr is a global online marketplace which offers tasks and services, beginning at a cost of $5 per job performed. This site is primarily used by Freelancers who offer variety of different services to customers worldwide. Current stats of Fiverr says that there are more than 3 million services on site that range between $5-$500. So you can imagine how much money it is making on a daily basis.


There are many other market places like Freelancer, Elance, Odesk but I like Fiverr out of them because it provides better quality at a cheap price.

Top 7 Gigs You can Use to Make Money On Fiverr!

Today I am going to tell about 7 gigs which anyone can use them to make money on Fiverr easily. Let’s start, Many of you are making mistake is that you are not using Fiverr before you read about 7 gigs I would recommend you to visit Fiverr and see what kind of gigs are being offered by other sellers and you will find many gigs which you can also perform very easily and quickly. Some of these skills are common for you but for others it is priceless and paying $5 for getting it done, buyers instantly buy it also.

You can also check this out: What Is Freelancing & How Do I Get Started?


7 Fiverr Ideas that will make easy money for you :

  1. Write Articles :

If you know how to write good quality articles then you are capable of making money on Fiverr. There are many freelancers, bloggers, content writers in my blogging community who want to make money online Fiverr is your solution. If you know on page SEO key points then you can make money on Fiverr. You can create many gigs like :

I will Write 100 Words SEO friendly article for $5

I will write 500 words article in 2 hours for $5


You can also add extras in your gig like 1-day delivery, 1000+ words article and many more and you can charge extra according to it.

  1. Create Logos :

Many people use fiverr to get their logo designed, so if you can design logo using Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator it will be great because you can also add extras in gigs like providing vector file for extra $10-$20. But if you are not expert in adobe product don’t worry there are many online tools which you can use to create logos.

In my initial days I used Sothink Logo Maker which had helped me made around $50 from fiverr only.

Read More: Various Ways of Making Money Online without investment

  1. Create Do Follow Links/ Link Building Service :

This kind of gigs are very popular on Fiverr as every blogger, small startup need do follow backlinks and Fiverr is one of the best place to get backlinks at very cheapest price. If you can do link building for them then you can make easy money on fiverr.

Even if you don’t know how to build do follow links, you can search on Google how to do it.
I had shared list of social bookmarking and High PR directory submission sites list which you can use to create do follow links for your gigs.

  1. Hold Advertisement/ Signs :

If you have got a good face and you are creative then you are perfect for this fiverr gig. These type of gigs are very much popular on Fiverr as new startups, business and many popular blogs need Images holding their advertisements, Posters and Sign to promote it on Facebook, Twitter and other social sites to get more leads and sales.

See this : How various kind of Bloggers make money online [Infographic]

  1. Social Media Marketing:

If you have engaging fans on Social site like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram Or you know how to engage them with business page then you are perfect for this gigs. You can create various gigs like :

I will promote your product among 10,000+ fans on my twitter profile

I will help engaging your fan with your business Facebook fan page.

etc similar like this.

  1. Create a Business Presentation :

We all know how to create presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint and yes we have done it many times for various purpose and projects. So I am sure all of my readers can use this gigs to make money on Fiverr very easily. Just you have to be more professional here and have to keep in mind that presentation should be clear to the point, formal and should convey the message directly.

  1. Create Whiteboard Videos :

These gigs are quite popular on fiverr, because explainer videos are more likely to convert leads and get more sales to any product & websites. So all startups, small business, online product website need whiteboard explainer videos. And they go for fiverr because it provides them their desired video at very cheap price.

To create Whiteboard explainer videos you can use VideoMakerFx which is very much popular for creating self explainer whiteboard videos for anything. I have created one you can check it out here.

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So this was all about gigs which you can use to make money on fiverr very easily and quickly. There are many gigs still which you can use to make money on Fiverr but to find them you have to visit fiverr and check out what kind of gigs you can create and what kinds of gigs are popular and are best-selling on Fiverr. In next post I will tell you Secrets of Ranking any Fiverr GIGS for any keyword in less than 48 hours.

If you are already on fiverr and making money from it. Share your thoughts and Gigs which you are selling on Fiverr.

What is freelancing & how do I get started?

A freelancer or freelance worker is a term commonly used for a person who is self-employed and is not necessarily committed to a particular employer long-term.

While the term “independent contractor” is sometimes used to designate the tax and employment classes of this type of worker, the term freelancing is most common in culture and creative industries.

Freelance workers are sometimes represented by a company or a temporary agency that resells freelance labour to clients; others work independently or use professional associations or websites to get work.

Fields where freelancers work is predominantly in music, writing, acting, computer programming, web design, translating, illustrating, film, video production, and other forms of work which some cultural theorists consider as central to the cognitive-cultural economy.

A freelancer can also be a self-employed person offering services, usually to businesses and often to multiple clients at a time.

The type of work freelancers does vary. Nearly every type of service business would need could be provided by a freelancer, including but not limited to marketing, such as social media marketing, copywriting, publicity, writing, technological support, such as programming, interior design, graphic design, and bookkeeping.

Freelancing is really enticing. As it gives you a lot of fulfilment and freedom at the same time. The common issue is simply not knowing where to start. Fortunately, building a successful freelancing career is easier than it seems.

You can start small with your ambitious journey. Start freelancing on the side to gain some feedbacks before you quit your day job. After you feel like you are ready, it is time to make the full leap into the journey.


1. Choose Your Craft 

Just about everything could be done remotely nowadays. This is why there is a strong likelihood that the skills on your resume actually contain one or more freelancing opportunities. You may be required to think outside of the box on how to fit your skillset for a remote job. It could be discouraging as remote jobs are mostly graphic designers or programmers and we are not all graphic designers or programmers.

However, you may find that your “secondary” skills can offer up freelancing opportunities. For instance, if you are a strong writer, then you have the potential to develop a freelance writing business.

Don’t be paralyzed by the preconception that you do not have the necessary skills or experience- you would be surprised at how little experience you need to get started. A little faith in your abilities will take you a long way. You can check out my Freelancing course to help you choose a path.


2. Create marketing materials

Lay the groundwork by developing marketing materials. This way, you can start to establish buzz before officially launching the firm. At a minimum, set up a website, create Twitter and Facebook accounts and order business cards.

As you begin to tell family, friends, and contacts about your new journey in the weeks or months before the launch, you will want to have materials that inform them about it.

Start networking and building interest right away and start collecting business cards to set up an email list so you could inform everyone when you are ready to officially launch. You may be surprised by the amount of forwarding you might get if someone is interested in what you have to offer.


3. Keep in touch

You have probably sent out a mass launching email. Maybe there are a lot of people who have replied, or maybe you are discouraged by the lack of response.

Find a few business cards that might have had interests in you and send a personal note to follow up. Maybe include a message of what you guys talked about that was interesting. When you don’t want to do is to follow up with an open-ended request. “We should get coffee sometime” isn’t something that would make anyone rush to their calendar to block out time to meet with you.


4. Play the odds

Ultimately, securing freelancing work is a numbers game- The more prospective clients you contact, the more likely you are likely to find work. That is the equation you should keep in mind. If you have a reasonable skill set and create a quality brand, there is no reason why you cannot succeed in the world of freelancing like so many others before you.

If you are finding it hard to get started, my program is designed to push you self leveraging on existing platforms focusing on and this will cut the whole stress of having to create your whole marketing plan yourself.

See my Freelance Masterclass Training to get started ASAP

50 Online Business Ideas For Nigerians In 2019

These days, one of the main tools you need to start a business is an internet connection. There are so many different opportunities out there to start businesses online. And in some cases, you don’t even need much more than that connection in order to get your business going.

Online business continues to grow at double-digit rates. According to eMarketer, there was a 24.8% increase in 2017 over the previous year. The global worldwide sales reached $2.304 trillion, with mobile accounting for 58.9% of those sales.

As online business continues to take a bigger chunk of the traditional retail market around the world, this is a good time to get your online business ideas up and running.

This is because 47.3% of the world population is expected to buy online in 2018. And as more people use eCommerce, customers will be looking for new and innovative online business ideas to make the experience even better.

While the technology and price point will achieve parity in which there will be little differentiation, customer experience will play an important role in an online business.

Online businesses where customer experience becomes the priority will see more people clicking on their eCommerce stores.

This includes providing customer reviews, social media engagement, a site optimized for mobile, mobile apps, chatbots and more.
The goal is to implement the latest online business ideas so your online business continues to grow.


Online Business Ideas

Here are 50 online business ideas you can start right away in Nigeria.

Blogging is a viable business opportunity that allows you to choose a niche that really suits you. And you can make money through advertising, affiliate links, infoproducts or any number of other avenues.

Virtual Assistant
Businesses and professionals can often use the help of an assistant to manage tasks like email and social media. And you can offer your services to those clients online as a virtual assistant.

Social Media Manager
If you’re social media savvy, you can offer your services to brands that want help managing their social media accounts on a daily basis.

Social Media Consultant
Alternatively, you can simply offer your social media expertise to clients online instead of actually managing the accounts for them.

Social Media Influencer
Or you can instead focus on growing your own social media accounts. And if you garner enough influence within your network, you can build a business as an influencer that works with brands to promote products and services on your account.

eBook Author
If you have a book idea in mind, you can write your own ebook and get it published on online platforms like Amazon.

Online Course Creator
You can also share your knowledge with people online by creating your own courses and selling them on your website or email list.

Business Coach
If you have a fair amount of business expertise, you can offer consulting or coaching services to clients and communicate with them via email or video chat apps like Skype.

SEO Consultant
You can also offer a more specialized type of service like SEO for businesses that want to improve the chances of their websites showing up in search results.

Affiliate Marketer
Affiliate programs give you the opportunity to earn money online by posting links to various products and services and then earning a share of each sale that you refer.

YouTube Personality
For those entrepreneurs who are comfortable in front of the camera, you can start your own YouTube channel and earn revenue through ad shares.

You can also start your own podcast and sell advertisements or sponsorships to build a business around your content.

Jumia Seller
If you want to sell actual products, you can really easily set up an online store on platforms like Jumia and sell a variety of different products.

Handmade Business Owner
Or you could opt to make your own products and set up your own handmade ecommerce store or set up a shop on a platform like Etsy.

Web Designer
If you have some design savvy and knowledge about websites, you can offer your services to clients as a web designer.

Website Developer
You can also build a business by helping out on the back end of the website building process. This requires a bit more technical knowledge but not as much design savvy.

Graphic Designer
Or you can offer some less technical design services but still communicate with and attract clients online as a graphic designer.

App Developer
If you have a lot of technical knowledge about mobile apps, you can build a business as an app developer for clients or you can even build your own app to sell.

Domain Reseller
Everyone who wants to start their own website first needs a domain. That means they need to buy that domain from somewhere. So you can build a business by purchasing domains and selling them.

Freelance Writer
For those who want to start a writing business without starting your own blog, you can offer your writing services to outside clients as a freelancer.

T-shirt Designer
Online platforms like Redbubble and CafePress make it incredibly easy for entrepreneurs to add designs to t-shirts and similar products and then sell them to online customers.

Remote Tutor
You don’t have to meet with people in person in order to be an effective tutor. You can set up online meetings with clients to help them with a variety of different subjects.

Online Advertising Specialist
If you’ve got some knowledge about online advertising options, you can offer your services to businesses that want to use online ads to promote their offerings.

Travel Consultant
Travel agents aren’t as popular as they once were. But you can still build a business as an online travel consultant to help customers and groups find the best possible deals on travel options.

You can build a business as a proofreader or editor for various businesses, authors and other clients who want to send you their work online.

Stock Photographer
If you want to build a photography business that’s mainly online, you can take photos and then sell them on stock photo websites.

Website Copywriter
Another potential writing business opportunity, copywriters help businesses create the copy for their websites.

Virtual Tech Support
If you have a fair amount of tech knowledge, you can set up a service that provides remote tech support to clients who contact you online.

Contract Customer Service
You can also offer services to businesses that want to outsource their customer service communications.

Software Developer
For those who are familiar with the ins and outs of creating software, you can offer your services on a freelance basis to businesses, or even create your own software programs to sell.

Marketing Consultant
If you’re an experienced marketer, you can also offer services to businesses that want help creating and carrying out their online marketing plans.

WordPress Theme Developer
WordPress is a popular platform for blogs and websites. So you can build a business by creating pre-made themes for people who want an easy way to put together their own websites on WordPress.

There are plenty of opportunities out there for researchers to offer services to writers, businesses and other clients online.

Membership Site Operator
If you have an idea for a niche website, you can offer paid memberships for people who are interested in being a part of the community or accessing any other benefits offered by your site.

Blog Network Creator
You can also set up a network that’s specific to bloggers and have members pay a fee or earn money through ads or infoproducts.

Advertising Network Creator
Alternatively, you can set up a network aimed at bloggers, site owners and other online businesses that want to find sponsors or advertisers and vice versa.

Online Public Relations
Public relations is certainly a viable business opportunity. And you can build a business that mainly communicates with clients and publications online.

Website Maintenance Service
For those who want to work with businesses that already have websites, but could use some help maintaining or managing them, you can offer your services as a website manager or maintenance provider.

Website Critique Service
You can also specialize in critiquing websites for businesses that feel like they might need to make some changes or improvements to their online visitor experience.

Online Recruiting
For those who want to help business clients find the best team members, you can start a recruiting service that finds and contacts candidates mainly online.

Resume Writing Service
You can also work with clients that are looking for jobs by starting a service that helps them put together resumes and cover letters.

Life Coach
If you want to help clients with a variety of different issues, you can start a business as a life coach and communicate with clients mainly online.

Meal Plan Service
Or if you want to get more specific and help clients plan out their meals and nutrition, you can offer a meal planning service where you consult with clients online and then send them a plan based on your consultation.

Custom Illustrator
If you’re a skilled artist, you can offer custom illustration services to clients who reach out to you via your website or other online channels.

Video Ad Creator
You can also specialize in working with clients that need help creating video ads to appear on YouTube or other online platforms.

Direct Sales Marketer
For those who are skilled with sales, you can build a business by offering your services to business clients and then reaching out to potential customers online

Financial Consultant
If you’ve got a fair amount of financial knowledge, you can build a business as a financial consultant and work with clients who reach out to you online.

Bookkeeping Service
Or you could offer bookkeeping services to various businesses and just set up an online communication system to make things easy.

Online Newsletter Service
Setting up an online newsletter is fairly straightforward. And if you build up a sizeable network, you can use your list to sell products, services or earn revenue by working with other businesses.

Lead Generation Service
You can also provide a service to business clients that need help generating leads online.