Are you selling a subscription service or a membership?

What’s your business: Are you selling a subscription service or a membership?


Having customer pay you monthly is the cool part about having a subscription service application but what happens when you want more?

By more, I mean this… If you rely on new customers every time to be able to make good bucks on your platform then you are pissing off on gold.

Don’t just run a subscription service

You charge them a fee, they get it. They use your platform like every other subscription they have and when they are tired, they close their account with you.

Baam!!! Customer lost.

But but!!! There is a better way.

Run your platform like a membership platform. I use the term membership because people have the tendency to belong and when they do they feel like part of a tribe and this makes it harder for them to want to leave.

Give them a reason to always expect to hear from you. Don’t leave in the dark, constantly remind them of your brand.

  1. Add them to group and forums that help them communicate with each other and don’t just leave them there. Give it a human touch. Be present in the group as the owner of the platform. Be a part of the discussion.
  2. Give them a reason to participate in discussions. Ask questions, create smart but fun polls.
  3. Send them emails, give them updates, ask them for features they will love to see and implement it into your system.
  4. Create webinars once a month if possible, have a discussion with them and sell.
  5. Give them a chance to make money off you… Yes everyone likes a good extra stream of income.

This is just a few surface tips from the strategy book of membership income scaling but these few points can change your business and put more profit in your pocket too.

The goal is to be sustainable and profitable at the same time.


How To Easily Retain Your Existing Customers And Also Increase Your Revenue

Losing your SAAS/Membership customers could be painful, or maybe not.

As the years go by, we must have all noticed the increase in competition in whatever niche we find ourself and this is something everyone can testify to.

This development has also brought a decrease in customer loyalty and an increase in churn rate because they can just jump on the next Ad they see that is for your biggest competitors and then next month, they opt out of your service… Forever.

This is probably a common story for most membership/SAAS platform owners because customers are always looking for the next ‘bestest’ deal.

The biggest mistake you can make will be to lower your monthly subscription fee because they will probably take you less serious when this happens.

Instead, there are other tactical ways you can use to attract your existing customers to stick with you for the longest time while increasing your customer LTV also, which means more money in your pocket.

✅#1 – Your Offer Value

Customers will always love to jump on the best offer, not the cheapest offer so dropping your price as I mentioned earlier will only kill your perceived value. You need to constantly update/upgrade your service, training and even your UI. 

This will give your customer more value for their money and they will stick around just because you care for them.

The best way to know what to do next is to always listen to customer complains and suggestions because this is still the best way to understand what your market needs at every point in time.

✅#2 – Tailor your service

Most times people tend to create their service around their imaginary idea and need and this just feels like an achievement but deep down it is hurting your business. 

Rather than approach your business this way, it is best to create your solution around their problem. Don’t sell what you think they need, sell what they need. Pause and do a survey, numbers don’t lie.

✅#3 – Backend offers

Every market has a secondary need, something that keeps then looking outside your product or service for a solution. Your funnel may not contain all they need but there are many ways to reach them once they are your customers, this will also increase your revenue. 

You need to create offers with your funnels with special packages that solve a particular need. This can be a DFY or DIY offer or even a group coaching and should be mid or high-ticket. You can get this done yourself or even get someone else who is an influencer in your market to do it.

✅#4 – The Customer Experience Journey

People pay for an experience, not just a product. They want the best aspect of your service and also want to feel catered for at all times. 

This will require some reliable customer experience and also accountability. They want to know what is going on with your product, they want to feel like they are part of your journey and they want to get to have an easy way to reach you. 

This goes beyond emails and FB groups but the actual activity that goes in these mediums is what means the most. 

Trust me, the best way to increase your revenue is to decrease your churn rate as low as possible, keep customers in as long as possible and also increase their LTV. 

An increased churn rate can really take a toll on your business if you let it.

You can not hold back every customer from leaving your product but you can make sure more choose to stay with you.

I hope you found this post valuable. if you have any question or reactions please leave a comment below.

5 ways to handle anxiety as an Entrepreneur

There are 3 thing every entrepreneur has in common, the good times, the bad times and the sad times.

If nothing is constant in the world of running your own business, then this is one thing that no one can change or total control.

Your business will occasionally spiral out of your control and most times, this is not going to be for good. Your start could hit a state of zero clients and you start imagining all types of bad things that could happen.

Your brand could get bad feedback from a difficult client and this could make you feel like your whole brand reputation has been thrown into the trash.

Maybe your peers are beginning to do way better than you and you are wondering why your lucky star has left you. Comparison can really be the thief of joy.

Or maybe you have just run out of funds due to a bad marketing decision or a failed investment.

Heck, this happens to the best of us. You are not alone.

Every top entrepreneur you can ever think of had some kind of rough patch growing up to where they are currently. Even the Legendary Elon Musk has his days when he woke up and felt like sh*t. I am not saying you should ignore your bad time and act like nothing is wrong, but rather embrace it.

This is not the time to be logical or think business strategy, this is the time to play mind games and control how you feel.

There are 5 ways you can do this because if you keep ignoring it, you might go into a state of depression and trust me, this is not good for your health or business.


1. See your bad times as feedback

Yes, this is the plain truth. Bad times are nothing but feedback and indicators to let us know that there is something to be fixed in our business. Your business could be running aground and without this little sad time, you might probably be in oblivion.

What matters the most is not what is happening around you but how you handle it. You can take all that negative energy and turn it into something great. Take the time to study tha loopholes that led to this rough patch. Look within to find what is going wrong.


2.Spend time with loved ones

Yes, as simple as this may seem, this is when you need to be around loved ones the most. no matter how much you try to run your business, you are not robocop lol. You are still human with flesh and blood and heck this is why you feel sad during tough times.

If you have a spouse, spend time with time, if you have friends or sibling close by reach out to them via call or physical meetups, not to discuss business but to distract your mind. This will slow down how fast your mind scales your problem into World War 3, because the mind can really olay funny games when it comes to escalating failure.


3. Eat your special dish

This is the time you need to remind your stomach of how good things can get. Your mind needs nothing but a little distraction.

You need to go eat that special meal you have always dreamed of, go to that fine dining experience, eat some shrimps and nicely made chicken soup or if you are a cooker, then go cook some good meal. Spend that extra dollar to spoil yourself a little. You need it the most. Your stomach can really be the gateway to your soul.


4. Log out for a while and do something else

This is one that works for me a lot. I just go to Netflix and watch the moves of my choice. Movies have a way of drowning your thoughts and making you forget all that has been turning your world upside down.

You can take full advantage of this hypnotic side of movies to cleanse your mind. You could go to a Cinema and see a new movie, or just go watch a fun show on Youtube. This is when you will get to appreciate comedy. Trust me, this will clean your mind out and help you reboot.


5. Just sleep

Yes, do what might be hardest. Take a long good sleep.

You need to go lie down and sleep a little. Disconnect your mind from reality and plug it into a world of possibility. Take that long sleep you have long been denying yourself. Put away all distractions such as email notification and social media. Just totally log out of this world and clear your mind.

Sleep is still one of the best forms of FREE self-therapy you can easily take advantage of. Don’t over think it, just sleep.


Don’t let that feeling drown you, you need to bounce back fast and attack your failures, It’s okay to fall down but staying down in self-pity is going to ruin you.


If you feel that these were insightful or you have something helpful you can add to this, please leave a comment below and share how you handle anxiety.